Hello and Welcome

My name is Dan Gafni and I am your private computer guy, I mean it

After many years in network management for large scale companies, during which I repaired, maintained, kept and updated computers and networks, I decided to make it personal – In 2003 I established a top tier computer lab near my home in Moshav Haniel situated in the Heffer Valley
I created a supportive system for both hardware and software and combined it with my greatest passion – teaching
I believe the heart of my business is you – my client. Whether it is tutoring or supporting one computer, several or a network; at home or at your business, I am here for you

My services include:
Hardware and software guidance and tuition.
Designing the best tailored solution for you – software Identification, accommodation and installation while taking into account, your computing

needs and requirements
Efficient network management – creating best cooperation and collaboration between computers and people working together, considering information and data protection and confidentiality
Synchronizing and sharing timetables, calendars and e-mails to create cooperation while saving time and increasing efficiency: i.e. an editor chooses articles from materials of an entire team,

without leaving the workstation
Whether you have a private computer or a business network, backup services are a must. There is always valuable information you cannot afford to lose. Backup solutions include external storage devices or cloud storage solutions. I will help you choose best and safest solutions for you, based on your needs and requirements

I emphasize on personal service and consultation which enables me to provide extensive, detailed analysis concerning your computing needs and requirements
including: procurement, accommodating, implementing maintenance and service as well as remote service and repair. If possible, I will always prefer working on a computer on client's premises. However, if necessary, I will take it to my lab and will of course deliver the equipment back and forth

Equipped with endless patience, I provide individually tailored computer lessons. I will teach at your home with your own computer or come to your business

I believe personal service is the first step in creating trust, which is what you want when putting your computer in someone's hands

I look forward to hear from you
Dan Gafni 054-5333040